Your World in Beta

Recently, mhub had the pleasure to present at one of the popular PwC Digital Masterclasses. These Masterclasses are designed to provide a window into our digital future and the explosion of potential that is upon us so that we can prepare and be part of it. Covering everything from the dark side of virtual reality, hayfever pollen censors and decentralised data to artificial intelligence and new business models; it was an expert insight into how technology will completely reengineer everything. Although we may not yet fully understand it, we had better be ready for it. I share the key insights and how this ‘Digital Revolution’ that is about to turn our lives and working lives upside down is really going to affect us.
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Why should we care? Well, it seems that actually we do care. In PwC’s recent Annual CEO Survey, 81% of those questioned identified technological advance as the single most important challenge for businesses to address, greater even than demographic or climate change, or the shift in the balance of global economic power. The opportunity here is to reengineer everything to the way we want it. The World in Beta represents dramatic advancements in technology that will transform our lives and more than that, a huge culture shift. Keeping up with the technology is no longer enough for a business to survive, inertia is a greater risk than innovation and the race to get to the future is on. The World in Beta will affect every single one of us – promising to make our lives easier, make us more productive and happier even? But this will largely depend upon the action we take now, how quickly we move and whether we show up to this new digital world with the right values.
Digital is already changing business hierarchies and models and creating new ones. It will enable businesses to reduce assets, create lower cost infrastructure and be more agile. If leaders do not take the initiative to do this, then the competition will. Traditional business barriers break down and we will all be working flexibly or remotely and be ‘out of office’. With work no longer being a physical place, leaders will need to use technology to empower the organization and keep everyone aligned. We can expect a long overdue consumer grade connected experience for employees.
Technology will free us up from tasks that are menial or process driven and give us the space for innovation, creativity and to think differently. Technologies are going to destroy our current concept of productivity, as the metric moves from efficiency to effectiveness. All the focus has been on processes; and we never once question the outcome of those processes. This will change as we have the time to tackle the grander challenges and focus on outcomes.
We will be able to make better decisions. Businesses are going to start to use the cloud as a pool of knowledge: we ask, what data is relevant right now to the business decision I’m making? ‘Being able to have access to that data is going to fundamentally define whether that business is successful.’ (The Economist) That’s why mhub is the Digital Workplace app that provides an access point to that cloud of knowledge, where everything I need is all in one single place that is easy to find and to use.
We are on a journey of utilising technology to reimagine the workplace and culture towards choice, creativity and solving grander challenges with a focus on outcomes. mhub is part of a journey towards reimagining culture. What we do is empower people with cutting edge technology so they can move away from process and have the time to work on the important stuff. Cutting edge technology may strike fear into some more conservative business heads but what if you told people it could make them more productive so they are less busy, more effective and their lives are easier? Some of the world’s largest organisations are choosing mhub to transform their workplace because it solves real problems, unlocks the value of their existing assets and brings them a competitive edge, which is absolutely essential for digital survival.
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