Your App is Your New HQ

We know that the digital revolution is rapidly transforming the way we live and technology promises to dramatically improve the way we work. But does it actually solve our problems and can it deliver on saving us time and making us more productive?
We are a small company, there are less than 20 of us and in many cases the assumption is that we would have no problem communicating. We are certainly a diverse bunch, working in three different locations across the UK and some of us work from home, remotely and flexibly. Like many organisations, we still face the challenges of communicating, collaborating and finding information. The larger the organisation, the more these problems are amplified exponentially. We solve crucial business problems for some of the world’s largest organisations, enabling them to transform faster but first and foremost, we make sure our technology works for us.  That is why we use our own app as our headquarters.
As the BBC wrote, ‘Technology giants are using their burgeoning wallets to build new headquarters. Facebook, Google, Tencent and Amazon are all undertaking projects at the moment.’ I have been taking a peak at the new Google Headquarters in London. Check it out.
Pretty cool. But for those of us who aren’t ‘giants’ and don’t have a secret garden roof terrace, a Hobbit Hole seating area, ‘Granny’s flat’ and a Recycled jet fighter ejector seat in our office to help us be productive, we have to think of something else. What about working anywhere we want to whilst having a place to connect that has everything we need?
Mhub breaks down the barriers of work as a physical place and means I can be just as effective, wherever I am. This can be our various office locations, at home or on the move. I can download training content to watch on the tube or listen to an audiocast to remind me of key information before I walk into a meeting.
We all know what it’s like to be overloaded with information, it can feel like being at a noisy restaurant and not being able to hear the person next to you because there are just too many conversations.
With mhub, all these conversations can take place but I am not distracted by things that are irrelevant to me. When there is a critical communication, it cuts through the noise,  I never miss it and I can join a discussion if I want to. Instead of having to search for documents and content in a multitude of places, everything I need is in a neatly filed library where I can easily find it.
As workers become more flexible and barriers continue to break down, having a mobile headquarters will only become more important. Although, I would not say no to a recycled jet fighter ejector seat to work from.