Why you should demand more than a ‘Corporate YouTube’

Many Enterprise Video software companies offer a ‘Corporate YouTube’: somewhere for businesses to dump and store their videos. Here at mHub, we believe in a smarter way to deliver multimedia content, which renders a corporate YouTube not only inefficient but counterproductive. Here’s why:
Just another Silo
In this information overload we should be finding ways to cut through the noise rather than adding to it. We can’t see how creating a new silo (just because it’s a sparkly video silo) solves the real problem. Adding a new system that people have to search through, what’s transformative about that?
Solving symptoms
In these video wastelands how do you get the right content the right people at the right time? Some of these companies propose sophisticated search methods. This is a distraction from the fact that actually you shouldn’t need to search at all. We are only solving the symptom of the same age-old problem.
The new way
Lets get rid of these vast libraries and intelligently deliver information so that enterprises can significantly increase stakeholder engagement; ensure successful transformation and faster growth. That’s where we come in: We disseminate content through portals, CEO channels, micro sites, channel apps that send push notifications and more. Of course businesses can store these videos but specifically the ones relevant to them.
Are you still willing to fight for your corporate YouTube? Or will you see things in the new way, the smarter way: the mhub way.
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