mHub become Official Sponsor of Maginalia – The Future of Work publication

mHub is proud to announce our official sponsorship of Marginalia, the future of work magazine. If you’re a Marginalia reader, then welcome to our website.


mHub helps companies to create the future workplace faster so as an emerging tech company ourselves, we are pleased to partner with an emerging publication that shares our passion. mHub would like to welcome Marginalia readers and hope that together we can provide you with valuable insight and a refreshingly simple approach creating your own digital workplace.


As well as sponsoring Marginalia, it has been interesting this week to read about the differences between the top performing digital leaders and those that trail behind. Research recently published by Gartner found that 78% of the top performing digital businesses proactively engage with emerging partners, just like mHub. This is because the innovation, flexibility and agility that smaller organisations like mHub offer, forms an important part the Digital Platform and Digital Ecosystem that is required to compete, grow and accelerate digital transformation.


We will talk more about this in some upcoming thought leadership, where mHub will be analysing what the top performing digital leaders do that the trailers don’t.  


Have a great weekend everyone!