We expect on-demand…. so why is business behind?

In our every day lives we expect to consume content on-demand; on our own terms but business is lagging behind and still imposing forced, inefficient and ineffective live communication. Over 1 billion hours of live video business communications were consumed in 2013 but there is no record of how much can be accessed and viewed after the event suggesting that on-demand usage is low; which is a wasted opportunity for businesses. The truth is that in 2015 if your corporate communications are not on-demand, they are not productive or efficient and having to repeat live over and over will waste valuable resourses and time.
John Farrell, director of YouTube Latin America, predicted that the online video audience will eclipse traditional linear TV watching by 2020. There is little doubting the popularity of Sky+, SkyGo, NowTV, TiVo and broadcasters that have embraced on-demand with iplayer, 4OD and Netflix now taking up a third of all US Bandwidth. It is clear that consumers desire the freedom to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want and consumption on their own terms.
On-demand also gives providers a unique analytical insight into audience behaviour so that they can improve and personalise the user experience. These benefits also apply to businesses: you need to know what your workforce, customers and partners are watching, how they are watching and when so you can adapt and make sure you get through to them. The mHub platform provides a powerful analytical insight into your communication engagement so you can track effectiveness and adapt your behaviour accordingly.
Businesses who refuse to embrace on-demand will not only fail to harness the crucial benefits but will fail in their communications, transformations and strategy implementation and ultimately be unable to survive. By forcing live webcasting, training, conferences and meetings it suggests that to keep employees or customers engaged you have to have them in the same room at the same time which is completely unfeasible for any business, especially a global one.
Businesses should take their lead from consumer behaviour and embrace on-demand communication. Using on-demand will enhance the reach and consistency of C-level messaging; enable remote and field workforces to remain informed; and ensure compliance requirements are always rolled out quickly and are instantly to hand for reference.
mHub is undeniably on-demand; the only platform that was exclusively designed for on demand communication and has stayed that way unlike many live platforms that dabble in on-demand. mHub truly transforms your communications so that they can be consumed any time, anywhere on any device; is secure; and has the capability to provide real-time analytics. Having a means to deliver consistent communications and measure its effectiveness provides a real boost to ensuring a successful strategy and growth.
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