Video On-Demand: Driving Understanding, Context and Engagement in the Enterprise

I read a great article by the inimitable John Kotter in the Harvard Business Review this week (find it here). He talked about CEO’s and their ability to communicate their big vision. He has for years witnessed CEOs stand in front of huge PowerPoint decks and real off very boring stories that are neither compelling enough or simple enough to share. With a lack of experience or context, or both, managers fail to understand the ‘big vision’.  Ultimately, this leads to failure to inspire change.
I’ve witnessed the inability for large organisations to share the ‘big idea’ effectively. Leaders who are unable to translate their ‘big idea’ into something simple. Managers who are unable to understand and share the story accurately. In fact this seems to be a major problem, managers will interpret a complex ‘big vision’ differently, then go back to their team and present their interpreted version of the ‘big vision’. That means in organisations with hundreds of managers there could be hundreds of ‘big visions’ – all similar, but crucially not consistent, not joined up, not clear and not simple. When I say simple I don’t mean simpler, or diluted or dumbed down, but easy to understand and translate into everyone’s day job.
Recent research suggests that 25.3% of enterprise employees feel they don’t have enough information & strategic context to make decisions in their day to day working life. This is where a powerful use case for on-demand video comes into play. CEO’s using the likes of Mhub, have the capability to speak directly to their employees, in an easy, convenient manner. This means they can deliver a message to their people in a compelling way – but importantly in a consistent way right across the business.
I’ve seen three CEOs in particular use our technology to share their vision with their wider business. This is helping them introduce, explain and reaffirm their ‘big vision’ consistently and directly. The viewer rates of their content are huge, their message is reaching over 80% of their employees. Imagine if that was an email or internet article – success would be reaching a quarter of their staff.
The power of video is huge to drive understanding, context and engagement. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and it really is. With access to Mhub to help them share their vision our customers are building momentum, driving transformation and bottom line growth.

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