The top six phrases to eliminate from your customer service communications

Have you ever had to deal with angry, impatient or rude customers? Client relationships are a two way process and for a client to show any of the above negative emotions, indicates that they may have previously been let down in earlier communications or they simply don’t trust or have any confidence in your ability to deliver the service required.
If any of your customer service agents complain about annoying or irate customers, then maybe its time to review your own internal customer service standards and ensure that you eliminate the 5 following phrases from any client dialogues:

1. “Are you sure?”

Never doubt a client’s statement. This is one sure fire way to wind them up the wrong way. Ask for more information to help clarify their position. Even asking for a simple screenshot helps to achieve quicker resolution.

2. “That’s not my job”

Anyone in your organisation that would answer like this, has ‘deadwood’ written all over them. Besides the client doesn’t really care if it is your job or not. Provide a solution, don’t enhance the problem. Try “I know who can help with this.”

3. “I recently broken up with my partner”

Sure, we have all experienced emotional stress in our lives, but clients generally don’t want to hear about your personal problems. Keep the conversations professional.

4. “Don’t worry about it”

Clients universally don’t like to be told how they should feel. Leave emotions aside and re-assure the client that you can resolve the issue.


Teenagers can get away with this type of texting, but under no circumstances should this type of text language be used in any professional business communications.

6. “Did you enter the correct password?”

No one likes to be treated like an idiot. Even if you think this might be the case, a better way to resolve the problem, might be to suggest something like “Can you try to click on the Forgotten Your Password link.”