The Perfect Partnership

Bersin concluded in his report, ‘predictions for 2015 – redesigning the organisation for a rapidly changing world’, that a sound strategy would be to buy innovative tools from smaller vendors as your firm up your core system into a single ERP suite. I think this should go one step further in the form of a strategy of ‘Perfect Partnership’. In this rapidly changing world larger companies will need to partner with smaller companies to take advantage of the relative competitive gains and vice-versa.
We often ask ourselves as a business: what can we do, that larger companies cannot do? We are a channel of innovation and agility, a charge of electricity waking up larger, sleepier companies. Smaller companies are agile and can move quickly fostering innovation and creativity that larger companies are not only crying out for but crucially need in the digital age.
We need you too. Smaller agile firms can take advantage of the relative stability, risk mitigation and provision of a foundation and springboard to innovate on a larger scale. We partner with many large scale global businesses which allows us to pioneer new technology, learn and run further than we could have imagined on our own. This exponential innovation is what we can bring in and foster in other large business environments: a virtuous cycle. At a recent meeting with a large global professional services provider, we were taken aback by the hospitality and 4-course lunch that was laid on while we exchanged ideas. We may not be able to return the favour on quite so grand a scale, or with quite so grand a view but we can do a lot that they can’t. As part of a suite of innovation, we can transform their communication and strategy execution; forming a new digital workplace. More than that, we form part of a suite of innovation in their own armoury that they take to their customers and drive innovation further. We can provide them with their own exponential competitive advantage.
These perfect partnerships that are already being embraced will also form an important backbone of the economy. Lets embrace these partnerships in an open and transparent way and move forward into the future workplace.
david and goliath