The Most Important Digital Consumer: The Employee

Businesses are focusing more and more on ‘Digital Consumers’ and how do they sell and innovate in the Digital Market place in a very competitive arena. What they really need to focus on, are the digital consumers within their businesses. People are, first and foremost, a company’s greatest asset and they have to be number one. We know now, that in the future workplace employees are not necessarily a captive audience and must be engaged in order to engage customers. As Di Burton explains – it has to be inside out. They are the new audience/consumers that must be considered first. I explore how this translates to key Insights from Thought Leaders who attended the Inside NYC Summit on Digital Transformation. Various C level executives discussed – the war for digital talent, the revolution of media, content and storytelling and how Smart data needs people and creativity to unlock its value. It is clear that we are at the edge of disruption in economic development, but we need to recognise that it’s all about people. Read more..

The war for digital talent is considerably slowing down the digital transformation of many businesses today. It is just too hard to find and also retain the right talent. So, how to best go about it?’ You need to create an environment that attracts and retains this talent. This is what mhub are helping global organisations do already. We enable them to create an exciting digital environment and infrastructure that empowers employees to be creative and to develop their skills. This ensures that employees are productive from the start, and are always aligned and engaged.
‘Data is in our DNA and a major lever for accepted improvements in our way to do business. Google uses data not only for its search algorithms but also to analyse and predict employee development, improve managerial skills and workforce efficiency. (Brian Welle, Head of People Analytics Google).’ This is why mhub is underpinned by powerful data and business intelligence that makes it easy to demonstrate success and continually improve strategy.‘Integrating data from several sources with personal, behavioural and contextual information is leading to the next evolution in digitalization. Data fuels smarter applications and a deeper integration of digital into our daily life.’
What it all comes down to in the end, are the people in front of and behind the screens. On the one hand, consumers’ behaviour changes because they have now got all options at their fingertips – digitally and in real life – whenever, wherever. On the other hand, it is the right digital leadership and talent that can transform business, using technology and data in a customer-centric and creative way.’
We are at the edge of disruption in economic development. The technology, the data and the consumers (employees) are ready and hungry for this disruption. The conditions and the appetite exist but more than that, businesses need to lead this disruption if they hope to survive and compete in the future workplace. Mhub innovation is enabling this leadership and digital transformation.