The Future Workplace

Simply Communicate produced a fantastic Webinar to accompany their new SMiLE guide on the future of work (with guest Kathryn Everest from Jive).
Part 1
The future of work is here now. The things that we expect in our personal lives, we are now starting to expect in our business lives. It may sound like a new trend but we will now expect more and more in the future and businesses must embrace this idea if they want to compete and be agile. A popular view is that the future is already here – it is just unevenly distributed. Businesses have previously not cared about preferences. The future of work is about choice and empowerment for all employees who should be seen as customers and are not necessarily a captive audience. It is about bringing the best out of you – people are your strongest and best assets. More and more, we are expressing a desire for purpose and culture and a sense of belonging rather than just a pay-check.
The future workplace is multi-generational, you have to maximise the future experience for all employees and not just generation Y. Instead of two generations, we now have three or four and people are living longer and staying longer in the workplace. This is an on-going issue that we are always going to see and it means that communications professionals can no longer stereotype their audience. All generations are different but all individuals are different and require a different way of working at their own pace. This is how we arrive at the idea that the future workplace may be here but it is unevenly distributed.
In the past businesses have not really cared about this and preferences, which hurts productivity, employee engagement, retention and attractiveness of an organisation. There are various different channels like email, intranet and mobile – you have to get the right information to the person in the way that they want it. There is no magic answer; you have to connect in the work style that they want.
People generally fit into three personas of they way that they want to receive information and how much information.

  1. Some want everything in one place and they don’t want too much choice. Anything you need to know, you can find here!
  2. Some are more traditional; they understand that there are a couple of places – email, internet, Salesforce or other applications.
  3. The final persona is more modern and becoming increasingly popular – the smartphone. If you look on anybody’s phone they have pages of apps and organise them. You know what you want to do and which app you need to use to do that. This is the future workplace.

Everybody has these three people , which makes internal comms very challenging. In the past, they have reverted to the lowest common denominator.  For more and more people email is becoming less relevant and a less popular work style – to spend the day sifting through hundreds of them.  When you make everyone work in the same style, they get annoyed and are less productive. The most successful organisations and communicators will understand the preferences of employees and respect that everyone has their own way of working.
Mhub is helping some of the largest and most innovative enterprises become the future workplace where they compete and succeed in a Digital Arena. We are empowering employees as individuals and allowing them to receive and collaborate on information in the way that they want. Bridging the generational divide and catering to the specific 3 personas mentioned to enable productivity to flourish. We modernise communication by delivering you a branded company app that cuts through the noise and improves communication. With an on-demand video software layer and powerful integration layer – we hold the door open to your Social Network and other apps like Salesforce; making it easy to use without the need to log in. We make it easy, give communication security, meaning and build the future workplace you believe in.
Stay tuned for insight the Future Workplace next week. Part 2 is on the collaborative economy challenging the whole idea of work.