Communication, sleep and work-life balance.

I read with interest today that according to research by Ofcom, people are spending more time communicating than sleeping. Is this really a positive thing and good for our work-life balance?
In my opinion, this research shows that people love to feel connected. Heaven knows we love our technology and devices. My children are permanently glued to their phones,  we’re all device junkies at work and even my 83 year old father is never far from his iPad these days.
The question I ask myself is ‘Do people really need to spend so much time communicating?’ My own observation from working with large organisations is that people’s communication time is often inefficient. Conference calls and internal training sessions are just two good examples.
Recently, I asked 25 people a question ‘In your opinion, are the majority of conference calls you are required to attend at work a good use of your time?’.
21 out of 25 people said ‘No’.
Information typically shared on conference calls can quickly and easily be pre-recorded and made available on-demand. Meaning only a short follow-up call is needed for discussion and Q&A’s. Resulting in hours saved every week and a more productive and connected workforce.
In our view of the world, less is more. We save time by communicating more efficiently and our company are leading the charge to others do likewise, empowering people with technology to communicate better and improving their work-life balance.
Next week I will ask another 25 people this question ‘Would you like more time to sleep?’.
You’ll have your own thoughts about the outcome of my little survey. I however, have a feeling that if we simply started communicating more effectively, we’d all save time – meaning more sleep and sweet dreams for everyone that wants it.
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