Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy in 2015

In its predictions for 2015, Bersin by Deloitte named Employee Engagement its Top Trend:
“Employee engagement has become central to everything we do in HR. Today, it has become the center of all major talent, leadership, and HR strategies.”
This post explores why engagement is so important, why so many employees are not engaged and why the solution in creating a work environment that is attractive, compelling and engaging for the workforce can be created using ‘exciting new tools’. Bersin believes, as we at mHub do, that the key lies in new technology.
Engagement is crucial
In many organisations employees are the brand and today’s technology, in particular social media, has brought an even greater transparency to culture and reputation. If your working environment is not seen to be engaging then you won’t attract the top performers and, if you somehow manage to, you won’t keep them very long. Furthermore, whilst those in leadership may feel that they are moving forward with a strategy their colleagues may not be moving with them – because they are not being engaged directly and instead are hearing it second and third hand. In such cases a company may find itself one of the 70% of businesses whose transformations and strategy implementation fail (according to the preeminent Dr John Cotter) because they didn’t engage their employees effectively in the process.
Bersin notes that ‘Gallup believes that only 13 percent of the global workforce is highly engaged’. They expand one of the reasons for this and state that “the overwhelmed employee” is one of the biggest challenges in business. Workers are flooded with emails and conference calls… they feel as though they are flooded with demands on a 24×7 basis from colleagues around the world “. That’s why mHub focuses on simplicity, truly transforming corporate communication and engagement; moving away from disengaging text based services and instead deploying a multimedia and interactive channel for direct communication.
The Solution
The leading thinking on how businesses build a successful environment and culture of engagement:
– Management – goals need to be aligned and set bottom up, simplified and evolved as a company changes incorporating feedback from all parts of the organisation. This leads to higher performance.
– Leadership visibility – successful leaders need to be regularly seen, heard and understood. It is crucial to an aligned and engaged workforce: all moving in the same direction with the same sense of purpose.
– Providing a Digital Learning Experience that is effective, informative, relevant and fun.
– Provide flexibility to the workforce so that learning platforms and communications are accessible on-demand, on the device of their choice and on their own terms.
Currently mHub customers are successfully using our technology for employee engagement and alignment; sales enablement; training; knowledge sharing; employee feedback and in the hiring process.
mHub has been designed specifically to allow for the rapid creation and deployment of multimedia content to desktop and mobile devices. Delivery via your dedicated channel apps is secure and enhanced with push notifications. Content consumption is flexible and can be viewed offline, on-demand, on the chosen device and is trackable in real time. Businesses are then able to adapt and curate content to make sure that it is always relevant, effective and engaging. mHub cuts through the noise of the busy enterprise and innovatively ensures successful communication, strategy implementation and growth.
Conclusion: Big & Small Software Vendors
Bersin’s conclusion strongly supports our gospel and value proposition:
‘So, as you firm up your core system of record into a single ERP suite, you may also find yourself wanting to buy innovative tools from smaller vendors as well. In 2015, this is likely a sound strategy’
Source: “Predictions for 2015 – Redesigning the Organization for a Rapidly Changing World” by Josh Bersin