On-Demand Video: Helping Drive Use of Yammer and Enterprise Social

Many of our customers are facing the challenge of getting the most from their Enterprise Social investments. The majority of our customers have invested in either Jive and Yammer. Following the post launch euphoria I hear customers struggling to keep engagement levels up.

Much like with public social networks users are drawn towards content that contains audio, video or imagery. Both Facebook and Twitter are driven by the sharing of rich media content. But it seems most enterprises ignore this when it comes to enterprise social. We have increasingly seen customer using Mhub to distribute content directly into Yammer or Jive.

Our team have worked to provide closer integration into Yammer. SocialShare enables Mhub content creators to publish audio and video messages, narrated powerpoint slides, magazines and more directly into Yammer. That means you can continue to:  track content and viewer rates, provide a central environment to drive engaged discussion and allow your users to share and rate content.

Whether its a CEO update to the entire business, tactical team updates and information share or narrated powerpoint slides and on-demand webinars Mhub can help you get the most from your Enterprise Social investments sooner rather than later.


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