On Demand Television is Changing Corporate and Internal Communications

As I sit here on the train, looking forward to watching the tv program I have recorded when I get home, I reflect on just how big the opportunity is for companies to deliver information the same way. Pre-recorded, on-demand and interactive.
Face to face sessions, Town Hall meetings and conference calls can be often be replaced by pre-recorded, on-demand communications that save time, reach far more people and create a happier, more engaged workforce.
Earlier today, I met a guy today, called Tim. He was complaining about just how much time people in his company waste on conference calls. I guess we can all remember a time when we’ve been on a conference call and started checking our email or giving our attention to something ‘more important’.
Tim also mentioned that a lot of people would provide a document or slide deck, in the conference call invite, for people to review in advance and discuss on the call. But the majority of conference calls were spent recapping on information that attendees should have consumed in advanced and been ready to talk about next steps. This resulted in time being wasted and more needless conference calls being scheduled, with time running out as people were unprepared in advance.
I asked the Tim if he liked to watch television. He did and continued with real enthusiasm to tell me all about his favorite program. Keen to point out that he never misses a show because he can easily record it and watch it on-demand whenever he get’s home or on his iPad while he’s travelling.
If only more of his company’s communications were available like this.
The good news is that they can be.  In fact, Mhub’s technology is driving this transformation.
Today, Mhub is helping a growing number of large organisations to embrace a culture of on-demand communication. Leadership updates, training videos, operational briefings and much more can all be easily pre-recorded and made available to people on-demand. Securely, right when they want it. On any device, just like your on-demand tv.
Interestingly enough, recent YouGov/Guardian Research said that:

Nearly half (48%) of the online population in the UK have used digital catch-up TV services in the last three months.

This shows that month on month the fundamental way in which we consume content is changing. Organisations need to reflect that – and I don’t mean media organisations – I mean organisations like yours, organisation that are pact full of content – you need to change the way in which it’s presented, delivered and shared.
Very soon, Tim’s story will be a thing of the past.

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