Mhub CEO: Why I started Mhub for the Enterprise.

I started Mhub because I had a dream . You might call it a social mission.
I was tired of manipulative sales people and soulless corporate communications. Communications that people are to often forced to watch during tedious one hour conference calls. I believed others shared my view and I wanted to be part of a movement to change it. And so the journey began.
Today, my dream is becoming a reality. Mhub is helping organisations to innovate and communicate better than ever before.  I love seeing our clients create authentic connections and trust between people – so they’re happier, more productive and committed. I love seeing customers become advocates. This is why I started this company and what makes me so excited about the future.
In my view of the world, slick, insincere corporate messaging and pushy, self centred sales people are a thing of the past. Companies that still operate like this are missing the opportunity to share their vision, inspire their stakeholders and execute their strategy. Now, there’s a better way. For you, for me, for all of us. Keep communications short, sincere and engaging, make them accessible to people when they want it and stakeholder interaction is transformed. Meaning your company can change and grow faster.
This is my story. Why did you start what you’re doing?

Mhub CEO, Michael Nagle, has 25 years business experience and has worked in the Internet sector for 14 years. He has experience of web based software application development, company operations and corporate communications. He has worked in Europe and the US and worked in financial services, travel and the media industries prior to starting Mhub in 2011. Michael is responsible for company strategy, sales and the overall performance of the business.