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mHub Case Study: SCC use salesHub

As Europe’s biggest privately-owned IT services business, SCC is used to pitching to the biggest and best brands in the world. As well as 40+ years’ experience planning, supplying, integrating and managing IT for leading businesses and public sector organisations across Europe, the relationships SCC builds with its customers is key to its success. From RFP to on-boarding and beyond, SCC uses salesHub to win and retain business.
SCC, the technology division of Rigby Group PLC, runs IT infrastructure and services for over 2,500 customers in more than 50 countries, and operates out of 75 locations in the UK, France, Romania, Spain and Vietnam. In the UK, SCC employs 2,000 employees in ten major cities, including its Birmingham HQ, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Belfast.
Of those 2,000 employees, 400 are directly responsible for internal and external sales, and more than two thirds are in communication with SCC’s vast customer base every day.
SCC’s needs as a sales organisation are no different to any. It must support its salespeople to deliver a consistently effective message, establish trust faster and sell more. By making the right sales content available to the right sales people, at the right time, SCC’s salespeople can engage customers more effectively to deliver better sales results.
For this, SCC uses salesHub.
SCC Connect is SCC’s smart mobile hub, delivered by mHub to each of its salespeople. SCC uses salesHub in three key ways: to deliver instantly accessible, up-to-date sales and marketing materials directly to its salesforce, to enable two-way communications between marketing and sales and within sales teams, and to improve the quality of customer communications delivered to existing and prospective customers.


With SCC Connect pushed straight to each salesperson’s mobile device, they have instant access to SCC’s entire library of up-to-date marketing materials. Powerful engagement analytics provide insights as to which sales collateral is most valued and effective, enabling the marketing team to focus on delivering the very best content across its multitude of service propositions.
Content can be stored offline, meaning preparation for customer meetings is as easy as pushing a button. However, armed with SCC’s full marketing repository, salespeople are no longer restricted during conversations with customers, as information around additional services is now at their fingertips and can be downloaded to widen the scope of any discussion, as it happens.
This content can be presented and sent directly to the customer, all from within the app, reducing the need (and cost) for printed collateral to be brought and left, whilst guaranteeing that the information available is the very latest version from SCC’s marketing team.
Push notifications ensure that SCC’s busy sale team is informed the moment new or updated marketing collateral is available, wherever they are.


salesHub enables SCC’s marketing team to have two-way conversations with its sales colleagues, improve the creation and delivery of sales content and campaigns. Together, marketing and sales develop content best suited to the customer and mHub analytics show measurable usage levels.
Content can be created quickly and easily within the app, and pushed to individual teams at the push of a button. As well as on mobile, salesHub is accessible via web browser on desktop PCs, meaning content is available to sales teams across all devices.
Within SCC, sales teams also use salesHub to communicate with each other. Sharing work-related best practice, new business wins, and content salespeople have found particularly useful with their customers helps others to be successful. SCC sales teams also use private channels for social discussion and to organise events, nurturing team morale.

Customer Relationship Management

SCC also uses salesHub as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, to deliver quality customer communications to existing and prospective customers.
Within SCC Connect, SCC’s marketing team creates co-branded newsletters that can be sent to key accounts on a regular basis, featuring general news relevant to the customer as well updates on important IT projects.
SCC’s salespeople also use the app successfully during the sales cycle.
Tim Kenny, Senior Marketing Manager at SCC, said: “SCC engaged with mHub to help us sell more – and that’s what salesHub has done. To be a successful sales organisation is no longer about having the best product but having the best story and being able to tell it to customers in a way that demonstrates how well you understand their challenges and why your solution is the right one.”
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