mHub Case Study: SCC use teamHub

SCC is Europe’s biggest privately-owned IT services business; the technology division of Rigby Group PLC. SCC runs infrastructure and services for over 2,500 customers in more than 50 countries, and operates out of 75 locations in the UK, France, Romania, Spain and Vietnam.
In the UK, SCC employs 2,000 employees in ten major cities, including its Birmingham HQ, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Belfast.
Over the past five years, SCC has invested heavily both in its external service capability and internally, in developing processes, systems, people, and culture. A significant part of futureproofing the business was finding new ways to improve and modernise internal communications to reach each of its employees in a way that is enjoyable and engaging.
To help achieve this, SCC uses teamHub.

The challenge

As SCC was undertaking a major transformation project, involving significant investment and affecting every department, the business needed to optimise the way it communicated with staff.
The marketing department was challenged with replacing outdated and unreliable email and Intranet communications with a solution that is more effective, flexible and easier to use than social collaboration platforms.
SCC engaged mHub because it was attracted to its teamHub product offering, which was created specifically to help business leaders and the teams that support them create and deliver improved communications directly to every employee via a secure, company branded app on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The solution

mHub worked closely with SCC’s marketing and communications team to understand their exact requirements and delivered teamHub, branded as SCC Connect. teamHub has helped improve, modernise and simplify internal communications so that every employee, regardless of age or technical ability can benefit.
teamHub (SCC Connect) is used in four key areas that SCC highlighted as the most important areas in which it wanted to improve and, importantly, maximise employee engagement. They are:
CEO and leadership communications – Business updates and regular, video-led messages direct from the Chief Executive, James Rigby, and other leaders within SCC. These ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date in a more personal and interesting way and that the leadership team are always visible across the business, supporting a strong team culture.
Business transformation updates – At each stage of SCC’s strategic business transformation project, its employees are kept informed about high-level milestones and operational developments. This has ensured that everyone from the top down is more invested in the strategic direction of the company.
Learning and development – teamHub (SCC Connect) has transformed the way that learning and development is delivered across the business. Whilst the dedicated team still offer room-based learning, it is now able to provide access to digital learning content within the app, helping to develop more people, more frequently, and in locations spanning SCC’s UK presence.
Talent and graduate on-boarding – SCC has an active recruitment programme and regularly hires graduates into the business with a view to extending the diverse and talented workforce upon which the company’s success so far has been built. Through teamHub (SCC Connect), SCC is able to communicate directly with its new hires in a modern and effective way, providing corporate information, multimedia content and digital learning materials, whilst the graduates use the app to highlight key learnings, share useful content, and gain a better understanding of SCC’s story.

The results

SCC is using teamHub in each of its four key areas of employee engagement and more, and has realised the potential and value of moving these types of communications out of people’s inboxes and away from tiresome, overloaded Intranet systems.
Rather than trawling through busy inboxes or intranet pages– inside a VPN – all content delivered via teamHub (SCC Connect) can be saved offline and accessed from anywhere, at any time, improving accessibility for mobile workers and overall engagement rates.
Unlike, email, Intranets or over-engineered collaboration applications, teamHub is quick, easy and fun to use. This is what makes teamHub different, better and why SCC’s employees love to use SCC Connect.
SCC has benefitted from the ability to produce more engaging communications that are easier and cost less to create. teamHub (SCC Connect) is a more effective way create, share and measure communications and any related content, creating a two-way connection between the company and its people that has dramatically increased employee engagement. And using the mHub Measurement Tool, SCC’s marketing team track what information individuals, teams and the whole workforce find most engaging, and measure improvements in employee engagement over time.
Tim Kenny, Senior Marketing Manager, said: “In mHub, we’ve found a partner with a great product and service; one that understands exactly what we’re trying to achieve and possesses the technology to deliver it seamlessly. We use teamHub, branded internally as SCC Connect, to deliver a range of internal communications direct to mobile, tablet and desktop devices – and the extensive analytics we get back are evidence that our people are invested in the news, business updates, digital learning access, and social functionality that teamHub enables.
“It’s difficult to deliver internal communications to such a large, mobile and diverse workforce – but what mHub allows us to do is tailor content, make it more personal and interesting and measure what works best, so we can keep improving. We’re really happy with what we’ve been able to achieve in our trusted partnership with mHub and we’re already planning to deploy it in the international divisions of our business.”

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