Live Webinars Limit Your Market Opporunity

Following on from Dan Kent’s article on Why Live Webinars are a Painful Waste of Time I thought I’d add my two pennies worth.
I recently read some interesting stats published by Go-To-Meeting, the provider of live webinar services. Apparently 44% of people prefer webinars that last around 45 minutes, the most popular time is between 10am-12pm (33%), the most popular day of the week is Tuesday and finally 92% of people find Q&A useful.

Who are these people?

Firstly, who are these people? I’m all for gaining knowledge and insight via live events but who are these people that are sparing a good proportion of their Tuesday morning to a webinar. Oh and the other thing I forgot to mention was that apparently 88% of people attend at least one webinar a week. I’ll say it again ‘who are these people!’

Live Webinars: Limit Your Audience

The piece that interests me most here is that webinars are only accessing 33% of people at any one time because for the majority it’s not convenient. Why wouldn’t you just make the content available freely or capture contact details beforehand with prerecorded, shorter, more compelling content. Well, Steve, what about the 88% of people who find Q&A important, I hear you say. Well that’s achievable as well.

Surely there is something better!

Mhub allows you to create audio and video to sit alongside your PowerPoint slides. Distribute them freely and allow people to consume them at any time. It also allows you to have live Q&A embedded within the video. Even if someone asks a question, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months later you’ll still be able to engage with them and answer the question.

Tips for Live Webinar Alternatives

My steer would be think about whether Webinars are the right way to achieve your desired outcome. Just because it’s the way we’ve always done it, doesn’t mean it’s the way we should continue to do it. Think about how you can engage with your audience more effectively. Use tools like Mhub to deliver more compelling, more engaging and more effective content to connect with your desired audience.