It Happened at Midnight

I love Ted talks – here is one of my favourites by Eddie Obeng. He explains failure and how we truly unlock productivity in our new world.

Something has happened in the 21st century – somebody or something has changed the rules about how our world works and Eddie says that it happened at midnight. This really resonates with me, so often it feels like we are making our way and trying to understand a world that no longer exists. As he says, someone has flipped it and we just haven’t noticed. I read so often about millennials and how they are the answer to innovation and creativity. Millennials are transforming the work place and employee engagement and I read about the struggle for attracting this talent. I didn’t realise that in fact I myself was a millennial (it must be my age).
Corporations are looking for change, show me an organisation that doesn’t want change because change is really cool and we’re all supposed to make stuff happen. What they don’t understand is that there have to be the right conditions in place for change and to harness new talent and creativity. At mhub we provide technology to help some of the world’s largest organisations to create this environment or as we call it, the future workplace. We make change simple and allow people to work in the way that they want to.
The rules on how to run a business successfully have been flipped. In the real 21st century we respond rationally to a world that we understand but which no longer exists. You have to wait for the business cycle to fail before you can say that there is something wrong and you solve last years problems without thinking ahead to a new world. ‘Take risks and be creative’ is translated as ‘do crazy things and I’ll fire you.’ In a world we are used to, if you get something wrong you fail. The answer to most then becomes – don’t do things that are different (and businesses wonder why when they tell people to do this, it doesn’t work). Because most are used to a world when there are correct and incorrect answers or right and wrong ways of going about something, Perhaps this is the key to millennials? As a ‘millennial’ I really don’t want to play by these rules. With technology and globalisation, we hear a lot that ‘the world is now a turbulent place’. All the rules are gone and now all the possibilities that turbulence bring are available. The businesses that embrace this will be the ones who compete and succeed in a new digital arena.
Technology has increased the speed the scale and density of interaction.
If collaboration is so amazing why do hierarchies exist in the first place? It is because we have not noticed that change. The density of interaction of human beings is amazing, as Eddie points out you can be sitting at the head quarters of a global corporation anywhere, if you’re connected to the internet. The struggle is to connect a whole workforce behind a strategy, a vision and culture whilst giving them a freedom to try new ideas. Our technology empowers and connects, allowing enterprises to unlock individuality and productivity from its people and other applications.
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