If you don’t change the game now, there will be no game left to change…

As we all know, the world of business is changing and that pace of change is faster than ever before. We hear ‘turbulent’, ‘digital’, ‘interconnected’, ‘global’ and ‘transformation program’ more than ever before. Change is the only constant.  The key to success in the modern business world, is the successful implementation of these changes. How do you glue the people, processes and applications together, to ensure you bring everyone on that change journey with you?
And what are the consequences if you don’t?
This post aims to help you to identify those gaps in your toolkit, identify how you can measure success with evidence based decision making and truly succeed on your journey to thriving in the future workplace.
This is not just for the CEO, everyone in the company is responsible for its success. The success of any business in ‘turbulent’ times depends on the individuals who make it happen. We all have a responsibility to change the game in an ‘intrapreneurial’ way and to be recognised for this on an individual level. Otherwise there will be no game left to change.
In any large company, there are groups of people working in silos across the organisation, each have their own applications and processes and can be disconnected from the big picture. As much as we are ‘interconnected’ in ways, that previously, we couldn’t have even imagined we are still relatively disconnected at work. Our research shows clearly that most large businesses can only engage with 25% of their workforce on a regular basis, for example.
This leads to huge losses in productivity, of applications and people and eventually (as renowned Change Management Guru, John Cotter, puts it) 70% of corporate transformation programs fail because they do not engage their workforce in the process.
There is something missing.
A glue to hold all the people, the applications and processes together, to align and engage workforces and ensure success. We need simple and easy to use technology that is embraced by the majority (not just the innovators, millennials and early adopters).
We have put together a simple check list to help you benchmark your success in change implementation. Start by asking yourself these 10 simple questions:

  1. Can you regularly communicate with the majority of your workforce? (For this purpose the majority means over 50% or 60%).
  2. Can you track and measure that you are engaging the majority and design communication for the employees who are not engaged?
  3. Do the majority of your workforce understand and support your company’s vision and values?
  4. Can your company communicate effectively with your mobile workforce?
  5. Do you rely on internal email, enterprise social networks (ESN) and your intranet to to deliver important messages to your workforce?
  6. Do you have access to real-time analytics so you can use evidence based decision making for constant improvement?
  7. Can you ensure that your story is told consistently to everyone and doesn’t get distorted as it cascades down the multiple layers of management?
  8. Do you have access to analytics and data that brings predictive insight, to help you to make decisions about the future?
  9. Are your applications integrated, easy to use and accessible on mobile devices?
  10. Do you have reliable technology to get everyone up to speed quickly on new processes and applications so they can improve productivity?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you are at risk. At risk of your people being disengaged and underproductive. At risk of the new tools and apps your company have invested in being underused.  At risk of not changing fast enough and compete successfully in the future workplace.
Everyone knows that email is ineffective for internal communications. Statistics show that only 10% of internal emails are read. Conference calls are long and often irrelevant as are many meetings. Even new social tools like intranets and Enterprise Social Networks still only reach 10-20% of the workforce because they still reflect a culture of ‘go and get’ where as we need ‘push and on-demand’ at everyone’s fingertips, on everyone’s preferred device.
This is why mhub provide the game changing technology that cuts through the noise and reaches the majority of your workforce, gluing your people, processes and applications together. To find out how mhub can help you change and grow faster click here to schedule a free consultation.