HR Technology for 2016: 10 Big Disruptions on the Horizon

As we reach the end of 2015, what are the key disruptions we need to prepare for 2016? – Bersin by Deloitte gives us the edge. ‘Only a decade ago HR systems were designed primarily to help HR professionals do their jobs. Although employees were considered the “end-users” of these systems, they typically used them as little as possible.’ Today the market has radically shifted. We at mhub believe this is part of a larger shirt towards a future workplace where empowered employees have autonomy and must be seen as primary digital consumers. This is a longer one but stick with me, it’s worth it!
‘We move from “systems of record” to “systems of engagement.” Today’s HR applications should be fun, gamelike, and designed to help improve our productivity at work.’ Mhub is enabling this shift in some of the largest organisations.
The “Appification” of Everything: Mobile Apps as a New HR Platform
‘One of the most disruptive changes taking place today is the emergence of mobile apps as the primary technology platform we use. There are now more than 2.1 billion smartphone users on the planet. 55 percent of that mobile traffic is now video. In short, mobile technology has become nearly ubiquitous, and many consumers are looking for video, not just text, in their mobile experience. To reach employees around the world, companies may need to “appify” their HR tools. Too many vendors talk about mobile technology as if it were a new platform for web apps. Mobile technology is a new mode of computing,’ Mhub ‘appifies’ the workplace and provides powerful video capability.
Built-for-the-Cloud Providers Redefine HR Functions
As ERP vendors grow their offerings in the talent market, a new and disruptive set of vendors has surfaced. Most of these companies were “built for the cloud” and have designed mobile apps and modern interfaces from the beginning. We think of this as the “third wave” of talent solutions’—solutions like mhub.
New Software Categories: Feedback, Engagement, and Culture Management. The Reinvention of Performance and Goal Management with Feedback and Check-ins.
Mhub is two-way, allowing for feedback as well as being underpinned by powerful data and business intelligence to continually improve strategy.
Learning Experience Middleware: Integrating Content from Everywhere
The training marketplace continues to grow. Fed by the growing need for skills development, the demand for easyto-use professional development is the number-one area of interest among our research clients.
The problem many companies face now is that all this content is unintegrated; it exists on many different platforms. There is now a great need for “middleware” to bring it all together into an integrated content experience.’ Mhub is fully integrated and becomes an enablement layer; this is another of our great disruptions. Mhub is transparent with any device, any application and any cloud, which allows you to leverage your other investments and drive adoption of other productivity applications.
Growth of Predictive Analytics: The Value from New Vendors and Solutions
‘While most companies have been slow to adopt people analytics, vendors have quickly seen the opportunities.’ It is time to embrace Big Data and built in business intelligence that we know are crucial to success.
Pace of Innovation Accelerating, but Engagement Still Critical
Nearly every part of HR—from sourcing to recruiting to talent and performance management to learning—is being transformed. Smart, young companies are trying to reinvent HR—with a focus on expanding talent services and addressing the needs of more dynamic, transparent organizations.
The new wave of HR technology is all about engaging employees in a simple, compelling way. The ideas and shift towards a future workplace underpinned by technology has never been more exciting, and we at mhub look forward to taking this journey with you.