How to ensure the success of your change programme

Most businesses are undertaking some sort of change programme, at least they should be if they want to survive and thrive in the digital age. Disruption feels like the new normal.
Digital Transformation usually involves changes in culture, skills, leadership, products, processes and technology. There is no magic recipe but there is one key ingredient that businesses often overlook. 70% of change programmes fail because they do not engage their people in the process (Kotter Institute). You must have the means to authentically engage people during this transition AND have the analytics and reporting to take the guesswork out of engagement. Organisations all over the world are using mHub as a tactical tool to ensure the success of their change programmes by engaging everyone effectively in the process.
Expert advice is to move at speed, the future belongs to the fast and if you are not moving fast enough, someone else is! This often involves investing in various technology, services and new processes like Office 365, Salesforce and collaboration applications. These are great services but there is a gap. As Meg Whitman, CEO of HPE says ‘‘Technology is the easy part – getting the organization to move to adopt the new technology and the new way of doing business and new models is, in many ways, the toughest component’.
Before the benefits of these fantastic new things are realised there is a period of transition often accompanied by uncertainty, misinformation, questions, anxiety, optimism, ambivalence and even chaos. Whilst these great new tools are being deployed, how do you ensure everyone is informed about the changes and that they understand the new processes? Familiar questions include: which inbox do I use now? When do I use Yammer and when do I use Jive? Where am I supposed to store all my documents now? How do I use the new expenses tool? Where can I find information on the merger? Is my job at risk? How will this benefit me? The list is endless and believe me, no one is going to find their answers buried on the intranet.
mHub is a simple and effective way of engaging people in this process. Everything I need to know about the transformation is always in one place, information is always up to date and content that is relevant to me is pushed with a notification so I never miss it. Take the uncertainty out of the process by making sure everyone knows what’s going on, what tools they need to use and how to use them and what the new processes are. Everyone can start getting excited by the transformation and get on with tackling the grander challenges that really matter.

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