How to be the best product evangelist in the world

As most of my friends settle into their 3-year Graduate scheme of making coffee and filling in spread-sheets; I tell them I’m a Product Evangelist. Most of them ask me what the hell is that? Or assume I’ve had some sort of epiphany and perhaps I have. Apart from following Guy Kawasaki on twitter I attempt to explain this Rubik’s cube of a role.
Lessons from the tipping point
Malcolm Gladwell explains in ‘The Tipping Point’ about ‘The law of the few’: people that are connectors, social glue spreading a message like an epidemic. This is what a product Evangelist should be.
Trust me, I’m a salesman
Excitement is contagious but genuine excitement is almost impossible to fake. Salesman may do this very well but many times they will fail to cross the bridge from those who understand the product to those who believe in the product and are galvanised into action because of how the product will help them. The need is for a person who is honestly evangelising about what they believe in and genuinely passionate about how it can make the world a better place.
From someone who may still be asking themselves where on earth the cloud is; we are not here to bamboozle anyone with technical language. The focus is on opening the door to innovation they may not even know they needed and utilising it to empower stakeholders at every level.
Circus Skills
The main function of a product evangelist is to juggle: from competitive analysis, value propositions, new market opportunities and social media strategies the role is constantly in a state of flux and you must know your product and the market fluently. As part of a generation with technology running through its veins we must be willing and able to adapt with fearlessness and honesty. The aim is to not only help businesses survive in this landscape but flourish. I’m not promising to be the best Product Evangelist in the world, but I’m damn well going to try.
The important thing is that Mhub is changing – we are not just transforming the way businesses communicate but we are transforming ourselves. That is why an enthusiastic Product Evangelist is a crucial weapon in any armoury of adapting in a new technological world.
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