How Effective Knowledge Sharing Can Save Lives

Some time ago, we discussed how the success of a business is fundamentally determined by effective access to knowledge and information. This means that information gets to the right people, in the right place at the right time so that they can make better decisions. We have seen many times with our own customers that faster and easier access to information means the breaking down of silos, better collaboration, more informed employees, huge cost savings and a significant rise in productivity. But with one particular mHub customer, we have gone one step further. Faster and easier mobile access to information lead to better decision making and a more effective workforce but crucially, lead to lives being saved. If that is not proof of the value of our simple and effective digital workplace app, I don’t know what is.
Riva-Melissa Tez CO-Founder, Permutation (in The Economist)
‘Businesses are going to start to use the cloud as a pool of knowledge, what data is relevant right now to the business decision you’re making? Being able to have access to that is going to fundamentally define whether that business is successful.’ For our customers, mHub is the mobile window to that cloud of knowledge. mHub is the simplest way to search and access all your information, share knowledge and collaborate at work all from one app.
Our digital workplace app allows people to access company resources, insight and knowledge (wherever it is stored) and collaborate wherever they are. With offline viewing, this can be on planes or underground, sales people on their way to meetings or engineers working in the field. mHub makes teams more efficient, more collaborative, more creative, and more valuable to customers.
A UK client of ours had no consistent or effective means of getting health and safety policy documents, updates and videos to their field based engineers.  The engineers had to search through outdated printed policies and they had no way of ensuring policy updates were adhered to.  They are also often working in remote locations with limited internet connection, making information access more difficult.
mHub deployed a branded Health & Safety app to engineer’s mobile devices, complete with health & safety content neatly organised into channels. Engineers are instantly notified when a new policy is received and content can be easily searched for and downloaded for offline viewing. The engineers can collaborate on any of the information received. Our built in analytics track usage to ensure compliance and that policies have been reviewed.
This dramatically improved access to knowledge and critical health and safety information and updates. Engineers working in the field can instantly find a policy, wherever they are and ensure they are working in the safest way possible. Having everything they need at their fingertips not only lead to significant efficiency savings, a more effective and competent workforce but crucially, it saves the lives of the public and the engineers themselves.

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