Happy Employees Make Happy Customers And Growth

I read an interesting infographic from Virgin Entrepreneur today, saying that while 80% of companies claim to provide ‘Superior Customer Service’ only 8% of their customers actually agree with them.
The same survey also claims that this results in a $83 billion in lost sales. I’d love to know how they arrived at this number but I get the connection between poor service and lost revenue.

What’s the root clause of this costly delusion?

The conclusion of the Virgin survey was that it all starts with happy employees. They should know. Happy employees are proven to increase sales, profitability and customer retention. Furthermore, we spend a major chunk of our lives at work so working with people who aren’t happy is about as fun as root canal surgery. Then what makes employees happy?
Employees feel happy when they feel appreciated. For some employees, that means big salaries, however, for the many it’s seems more important for them to feel that their organisation cares about them. They want to be listened too. This means that the culture and communication tools companies use to engage and interact with employees are critical. They provide the foundation for successful business transformation and growth.
This is the area that Mhub is pioneering. We know it, love it and we’re bloody good at it. I am already assured that our happy employees enable us to make our fast growing company fun and profitable and make our customers happy, genuine advocates and willing to come back for more.
Source: http://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/infographic-how-service-will-make-or-break-your-company and ClickSoftware