Great leaders articulate their message clearly and inspire

Great leadership comes in many different forms and is performed in varied ways, but the one thing that all inspiring leaders have the ability to do is communicate their message and ideals effectively. History is filled with inspiring figures, Thomas Jefferson to Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King to name a few. These inspiring leaders had different backgrounds and lives, but they hold the common trait of uniting people for their ideals and cause.
Now you don’t need to be standing giving speeches to the thousands to be a good leader or excise everything you do with a military precision air, there are simple ways to become a more effective leader in your business and help increase employee engagement. Every great leader is backed by a great team, so it’s important to have the groundwork of trust and openness amongst your people. The simple fact is employee engagement starts with individuals feeling valued, so good leadership will naturally build on this.
Here are some ways to help articulate yourself as a leader and to understand yourself and your team better, after all, everything is achieved through good teamwork:

Be Open

Be open minded to new ideas from your co-workers, give them a try, even if they seem likely to fail. A good leader will take on board new concepts, and this helps employees develop their ideas and willingness to try new tactics.

Unite Your People

Unite with clear aims and targets. Lay out your ideas and goals in simple to reach steps, or even better, work together as a team to figure out the next step. Heavy involvement from your team will help boost engagement all around. Don’t however feel temped to take total control all of the time, good leadership is recognising potential and letting others step up.

Say ‘No’ to Secrecy

Hold a no secret policy. Honesty is the best policy, if the project looks to be delayed, don’t lie and say it can be done on time,  letting people know what is happening is good for morale. Trust in your team and your leadership skills to project manage, it will take some time to become used to being totally open, but it is well worth it.

Accept Input and Criticism

Take input and criticism seriously, even if it doesn’t appear to important on the face of things; you never know when and who inspiration might hit. Remember to thank everyone for their input and work during projects and after meetings, the little things do matter to employees.

Be Human

Articulate yourself as a human being. The workplace environment is becoming faster and technology based, so it’s easy to see how people are losing touch on the most basic and human level, only seeing them as robotic in response. Being visible is vital in helping employee engagement.

These are some simple suggestions to help you articulate and increase engagement within the organisation. It is important to remember that there is no set style of leadership, so take your time to see what method works for you.
As Ralph Nader once said: ‘I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.’