Getting Your People To Listen Is Your Problem

People within every organisation are under pressure . We are all bombarded with constant, consistent and overwhelming amounts of content on a daily basis. We need to consume, interpret, contextualise, rework and deliver an output of that information to others. This is especially the case in B2B organisation were users are managing email, phone call, conference calls, instant messaging and traditional paper mailings.
The outside world however has changed. Email usage in our personal lives is being overtaken by social media and we increasingly reach toward rich media and video over books and magazines.
My experience is that businesses are increasingly poor at embracing these societal changes and ensuring that they stay relevant and interesting to their existing employees. The creation of rich media and video is an absolute must for all organisations. Moving away from bland and long email, dull intranet articles and sterile PowerPoint can only mean that people will start to listen again.
Some organisations say that video, rich media and social media don’t have a place in business communications – think again. If you know anyone under the age of 25, and by the way these people are either already working for you – or will be very soon, they use video to communicate, they use mobile over fixed desktop or landlines and they consume that content at lightening speed. Every organisation is going to have to make a shift to make their corporate communications more content driven, embracing rich media and video to attract and retain this workforce.
So, start to day, use your content to develop interesting internal communications. Use video, use rich media and start engaging with your people again.