Five tips for using SalesHub successfully

All salespeople know that trust and relationship building is key – but with so much competition and a revolving door of reps all trying to sell the same thing, how do you deliver a consistently effective message and be the one that’s remembered?
It’s not easy. And maintaining the right level of communication is especially difficult when you have multiple prospects, each with a different opinion on how much contact is too much. So, we’ve compiled five tips for using salesHub, mHub’s mobile app built specifically for sales teams, that will help set you apart from your competitors, build trust faster and sell more.

1. Learn the customer’s story and use it to help tell yours

It used to be good enough simply to understand what your customers do. Now, you must know what they do, where and how they do it, who they do it for, and how important they are to their customers. Only then can you tell your story in a way that truly complements theirs.
Using salesHub, you can deliver tailored content directly to your customers that is engaging and easy to consume. mHub’s Analytics Tool will help you understand even more about your customer, by measuring what type of content is more successful and how best to communicate in the future.

2. Sales content at your fingertips

There’s only one thing worse than a salesperson turning up to a meeting with reams of paper – that’s one who turns up with nothing at all. While lots of companies have invested huge amounts in digital transformation, some sales reps still refuse to enter meetings without the safety net of printed corporate collateral.
Instead, why not use what you’ve already learned about a customer to store bespoke offline information directly from salesHub your smartphone or desktop?
This allows you to take all the information you are likely to need, and much more, without adding to your customer’s recycling. It also improves the quality of a meeting, enabling a free-flowing conversation and giving you the opportunity to cross-sell without ever having to say: “I’ll get back to you on that.”

3. It starts in the car park

Not after the weekend, not tomorrow, not even when you’re back at your desk later that afternoon. A personalised follow-up sent from your car before you’ve even left the site, with action points and attachments, will make sure you’re not forgotten.
But you won’t be the only one that’s thought to send an email immediately following a meeting – which is why your message will be packaged up, sent from the salesHub app, and lead with a personalised video message.

4. Speak with your face

Video-led content keeps you fresh in the customer’s mind and sets you apart from everybody else. Sure, it may feel weird at first – but a personalised video takes 30 seconds to film, is even quicker to send, and demonstrates confidence both in yourself and your product. You can create this content, save and send it all from within salesHub.

5. Use analytics to tailor your content

Using mHub analytics, you can track audience engagement and learn the optimum way to tell your story using salesHub. If a prospect doesn’t watch a video but opens every PDF attachment, they may favour written collateral, and vice-versa.
It’s all about knowing your customer and telling your story in a way that influences the decisions they make, the actions they take, and the results you achieve.
salesHub helps salespeople deliver a consistently effective message, establish trust faster and sell more. By making the right sales content available to the right sales people, at the right time, your salespeople can engage customers more effectively to deliver better sales results.
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