Five tips for managing your field-based operatives

Five tips for managing your field-based operatives

At mHub we understand the challenges of managing field-based operatives. Communicating with remote teams, delivering the most up-to-date documentation, optimising their efficiency and, most importantly, keeping them safe can be complex, costly and time consuming.
Here are our five tips for effectively managing your field-based team:

1. Give people the right tools for the job

Are you making the most of mobile technology? Most companies aren’t. Giving field-based operatives quick and easy access to the most recent, relevant and up-to-date internal communications, Health & Safety policies, operational information and other critical documentation on their mobile phone means that they waste no time finding the information they need, and no longer need to carry around files of paperwork or make calls or visits into the office.
The opsHub app from mHub is ideal for this, not only enabling your teams to easily access content they need but also giving them the ability to store this information offline so that it is always available at any time, in any place. Changes or updates can be communicated in real time, with push notifications letting the teams know that new information is available.

2. Enable real-time information with push notification

When field-based operatives have access to real-time information, they are more efficient. Having instant access to important information in one place means they can work smarter and your company can confident that they are working more effectively, compliantly and safely.
Statistics compiled by Localytics proves how crucial push notifications are within a mobile app, boosting app engagement by 88%.
opsHub enables push notifications and delivery of real-time information to field-based operatives and, as a two-way communication tool, procedure updates, problem identification, resolution and reporting happens faster and keeps your teams working more efficiently.

3. Manage well-being remotely

Companies in the utilities sector and those with field-based operatives who deliver hands-on, technical operations must ensure compliance with the latest Health & Safety legislation. Using the opsHub app from mHub, field-based operatives have all the information they need at their fingertips but also the ability to feedback into the business instantly.
With the ability to receive push notifications, remote workers using opsHub know that they are only ever a push of a button away from the office, and have the full repository of your company’s procedural, operational and Health & Safety policy documentation available on their mobile device.

4. Measure what works

opsHub ensures operatives are informed and equipped with the information they need to work smarter, be safer and more compliant – but how do you know the information that’s delivered has been received and understood?
mHub’s Analytics Tool provides proof that critical information has been viewed and understood. A high-level dashboard view gives you broad information, with the ability to drill down into more granular detail. This enables you to gain an understanding of what information people need most, track what information teams or individual employees consume, monitor if employees are disengaged, and learn how effective every communication, video or document is.

5. Retain good people

It may not be obvious but the way you manage your field-based operatives, the tools you use and the overall experience you provide all have a direct impact on your ability to attract and retain good people.
Field-based operatives can feel more remote and frustrated and office-based staff who live and breathe the in-house working culture every day. This typically leads to a high turnover of staff, a shortage of skilled operatives and a drain on efficiency, with the requirement for regular on-boarding and training.
Giving field-based operatives the information they need quickly and easily will enable new staff to on-board more effectively and all personnel to feel part of the team rather than isolated and uninformed. Using similar technology that people use every day in their personal lives, such as a modern mobile application, provides a better experience and a work tool that your people will value and enjoy using.

6. BONUS TIP! Use opsHub to achieve it all

OpsHub is a secure mobile app that delivers important communications, safety documentation and operational information to field-based personnel on any device. OpsHub provides demonstrable compliance with the Health & Safety legislation in ensuring all field based operatives and engineers are provided with the necessary information to operate safely.
Two-way communications mean problem identification, resolution and reporting happens faster. Analytics and reporting provide proof that critical information has been viewed and understood.
opsHub improves the operational efficiency of field-based teams. The app ensures operatives are informed and equipped with the information they need to work smarter, be safer and more compliant.
Unlike other, over-engineered, collaboration applications in this marketplace, OpsHub is quicker and easier to use and includes powerful analytics. This is what makes opsHub different and it’s the reason why your field-based operatives will thank you for it.
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