Evolving Internal Communications

Internal Comms is evolving. Using data and business intelligence you can improve the quality of your communication and not just broadcast but listen. No more communicating with a blindfold! Through a process of uncertainty, employees need to be always informed and directly listened to by capturing questions and cynicism at the root before it has a chance to breed.
This week, we listened to our CTO explain the new reporting, analytics and business intelligence embedded into our system. The data is aggregated into graphs, individual data, easy to understand feedback in engagement heat maps and funnels. This gives Internal Communicators the chance to capture important data, listen and genuinely improve the quality of their communication.High level reports
A CEO insisted on releasing a 25-minute long quarterly financial video report on the basis of his belief that everyone would immediately stop what they were doing and engage with it. The communication team can suggest that this may not be the case but this can often fall on deaf ears. Analytics are a way of listening to your people on a larger scale. Video data will show drop out rates at 2 minutes and 5 minutes and data doesn’t lie. This CEO had also waited till the end of his video to get the main point across but this crucial message was only viewed by the remaining 10% of viewers. Employees are now missing crucial messages.
If you truly want to engage your audience and ensure that they are always informed; you have to listen to them. This is where you can use this business intelligent analytics to hone and tweak your communications, constantly improving their quality. This is how the workplace is evolving; it is becoming more flexible and being democratised. At mhub, using our own Team Channel app, I watch an enthusiastic 2-minute video update from my CEO recorded on the fly after a sales meeting. I can also save it into offline mode and as I jump on the tube I switch it to instant podcast to listen on-demand with my phone in my pocket. I can then read a text version, tell him thanks with one click, give instant feedback or join a discussion in our Enterprise Social Network.
During times of change, uncertainty is ubiquitous and if it is not captured it can breed and destroy employee retention. This instant feedback mechanism is crucial to capture any cynicism at its root and respond. Not only are messages passed directly to employees so they don’t cascade and change through a process of “Chinese-whispers” but any questions or negativity can be reversed and responded to.
Technology provides us with new ways of listening to our people so that we can engage them in any processes of change to go together on that journey. It also facilitates a flexible, mobile workforce that is always informed and therefore more agile and efficient, equipping organisations to compete and succeed in the future digital workplace.
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