Employee engagement: How to get the edge on your competition in 2018

Employee engagement: How to get the edge on your competition in 2018

“Employee engagement is now more important than ever in Human Resources,” according to Bhaswati Bhattacharyya, Product Marketer at Keka, in a recent blog published by the HR software biz discussing Top Employee Engagement Trends for 2018.
Bhattacharyya believes that HR leaders “have identified improving employee engagement as one of their top areas of interest,” saying that subtle changes are slowly taking place in organisations worldwide, allowing leaders to focus more on keeping their talent happy and satisfied.
The blog points to research showing that in 2017 businesses used extensive people analytics to study active engagement. As per the High Impact People’s Analytics Study by Deloitte, commissioned by Bersin, 69% of companies had taken active steps to improve the way they engage people, up from only 10-15% previously. This has led to an increase in the adoption of technology to help streamline employee engagement and get real-time actionable insights for better results.
Bhattacharyya goes on the explain the importance of this and how the trend is set to continue in 2018:

A Superior Employee Experience

“The rise of the millennials in the workforce and their preferences, catalysed by the rage of digitisation has led employees to expect a much more fun, engaging and end-to-end solution (as they call it) to their woes. 2018 will see companies and their leaders focus on how to achieve an outstanding employee experience across the lifecycle of an employee. Employees will become like customers, and their overall happiness will matter as much as customer satisfaction.”

Continuous Learning

“The likelihood of employees leaving jobs due to lack of learning opportunities is getting recognised by companies. Remote working is a reality of today’s work environment and companies have to leverage on the talent that likes to work from distributed locations. Companies with a remote workforce will start paying more attention to their staff and execute strategies that will help them engage their workforce through career development plans.”

Understanding Employees

“2018 will be about understanding employees better and what matters to them. Instead of forcefully taking initiatives to bring fun into the workplace, there will be an increase in efforts that incentivise work-life balance.”

Company Culture

“Company culture has never been more important from an engagement perspective. It is no longer a topic discussed in closed conference rooms or only known to people working in it. Today, culture is a global phenomenon and known to everyone. The behaviour and interactions of employees within a company on a daily basis can change a company’s culture.
“A good way to do this could be to use new tools for employee engagement and feedback in order to track and measure daily interactions. 2018 will take culture way more seriously by understanding these issues.”
Employee engagement: How to get the edge on your competition in 2018
One example of a tool for employee engagement that does this is teamHub, the mobile app from mHub. teamHub is the fastest and most cost effective way for a business to establish measurably better, two-way communications with every employee.
teamHub complements Microsoft Office 365 and adds value by extending its usage as part of the effective two-way communication stream that teamHub opens up with employees and their leadership teams.
Using teamHub, you can deliver a superior employee experience with an app your people will love to use, offer continuous learning via engaging company bulletins and relevant news updates, use analytics to understand your employees and the content they engage best with, and nurture a company culture that is communicated effectively from the top down.
This improvement in employee experience and shift in the typical employee-employer paradigm is present from day one, as new joiners are welcomed into your modern business and teamHub becomes a key part of the onboarding process.

About teamHub

Companies who engage their workforce are proven to be more competitive, profitable and attractive to future employees. teamHub helps leadership teams deliver their best stories, direct to a branded company app on the mobile devices of every employee.
teamHub delivers the greatest benefit for any type of company with over 100 employees to businesses with over 5,000 people. Unlike, email, intranets or over-engineered employee applications, teamHub is quick, easy and fun to use. This is what makes teamHub different, better and why your workforce will love it.
teamHub is the most powerful and personal way to talk directly to employees. Complementing but cutting through the noise of all other digital channels, teamHub provides two-way communications which keep employees engaged and feel connected. Email and intranets have their place but when a story really matters, knowing it’s been received and seen is critical. For as little as £1 per employee, teamHub is also an affordable, fast and practical way to modernise your organisation.
Click to read more about teamHub and request a demo.

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