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I had a number of conversations last week about the way in which social media was becoming increasingly important to business collaboration, improving productivity and simplifying the way in which teams worked together in a more immediate and personal manner. A few days later I read this interesting article from McKinsey and I would encourage you to do the same
The article is based around their current research and accords closely with the feedback that we are receiving at Mhub (localhost) Business leaders that we speak to are increasingly seeking a cloud-based, real-time, searchable application that can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile using a simple user-interface. Ideally such an app would also allow access to a number of task specific applications thereby saving the cost and complexity of integration. We believe that the latest Mhub application meets these needs and addresses key issues raised in the McKinsey report, an extract of which follows:
“Enter a new generation of team-collaboration technologies. These tools are cloud based, designed for real-time interactions, allow users to search conversations, provide a distinctive user experience, and integrate with other enterprise applications (such as file sharing and social media), among several other features.”
“Because they create searchable content as a by-product of collaboration, the new-generation tools could even begin to replace email as the default channel of written communication”
“We asked executives which changes to structural and management processes they believe social technologies will bring to their organizations in the next three years. Not only do two-thirds expect communication will improve, but almost half believe their organizations will become much more fluid—that is, that work will be project based and will not necessarily happen within teams or functions ”

Illustration: Detail of “The Entrepreneur” by Jayson Lilley (Gold leaf Acrylic and spray paint on wood panel)