Digital Changes Everything

This week, the ‘Engage for Success’  task force joined together to inspire and debate the latest ideas in internal communication technology. Stewart Monk, Oracle’s Director of Human Capital Management presented: A technology view of social; the employee engagement impact and the wider commercial aspect. We are ultimately deciphering the successes and failures of HR technology to achieve the goals of strategic insight, simplicity and employee engagement. We launched into the future workplace and asked whether the prevailing paradigms take us somewhere exciting or a little bit scary.
Social and technology combined are allowing businesses to be created and operate in a way they haven’t before. How do you harness this power in the right way and create a digital workplace where social has meaning and impact and actually delivers value? That is the key question.
The Oracle story
As the largest enterprise software provider in the world, Oracle were keen to harness the power of social for all its promises. As many businesses find, simply bolting on social and waiting for it to transform simply doesn’t work. It may resonate with the early adopters and the innovators but penetrating further down the innovation curve and delivering value; connecting the whole workforce is close to impossible.
They found, as we at mhub have, that there are 2 crucial conditions to harnessing this power and succeeding with HR social technology.
1. It has to come from the top
It has to represent a culture where those running the business understand the importance of including everyone on their journey – and they want to listen! The managers need to lead the way which lead to Oracle coining the phrase – ‘if its not in social, it doesn’t exist.’
2. You have to make social meaningful
Social can’t just be a new toy. What happens when the kids get bored of Facebook? Oracle did this by rooting conversations in transactions: and that’s not to say ‘Sell, sell, sell $$$ or I don’t care’ but it has to mean something and not just to us techno kids but to everyone. That’s what we do at mhub – we make social meaningful. This is the only way to drive adoption, gain value and make it last.
We then propel internal communication technology into the future and ask: where is the line between a manager’s desire to ensure engagement and wellbeing and remaining a professional distance from personal lives? The truth is that it will be different for everybody. For example, a Japanese company that tagged and tracked its workforce so that they could identify those in isolation was met with 1984 style gasps. There are now companies where a ‘Wearable’ device is issued for your manager to monitor your fitness and then deliver cheaper health insurance. Here’s where the fun really starts: In the future, perhaps the internet of things will outsmart it all and engagement data will be gathered seamlessly on a collection of data such as heart rate, amount of sleep etc. Perhaps a scary proposition for some but an exciting for others! Either way, it is clear that the work place is transforming, how do we ensure that the majority do not get left behind?
We will continue the discussion at the ‘Engage for Success’ event – More Social than Media, which is unmissable for anyone interested in technology and social internal communications within the enterprise.
Mhub are also incredibly proud and pleased to announce that Simply Communicate independently rated us as 8/10 in their WhatAppTV review…
Watch it here
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