Changing the Game in a Mobile World

In the recent McKinsey & Co report, ‘How social tools can reshape the organization’ it outlines the potential transformative benefits of collaboration and the prized features of social technologies. Although collaboration and social tools are important, they don’t actually go far enough to change the game, improve the way people work and ‘reshape the organization’. As sophisticated as social tools can be, they remain just that: more advanced forms of conversation. Collaboration itself is not revolutionary. To truly change the game and transform the workplace, we at mhub, have gone further. We make it easier and quicker to use these collaboration tools but more than that, mhub empowers people to use all the work apps they have from a single mobile hub. This is a completely new way to work that not only facilitates conversations but instantly improves productivity and unlocks value from other technology investments.
According to McKinsey & Co, ‘Not all social technologies bring equal benefits. In a new survey, respondents say the most valuable tools make it easier for employees to collaborate—and could even transform the way organizations work.’
McKinsey go on to say, ‘Executives report that the business use of social tools is nearly universal. Ninety-three percent of respondents say their companies use at least one social technology… And most respondents say employees at their companies use at least one tool on mobile devices.’
Currently, as the very nature of traditional business is being disrupted, advanced collaboration tools are not enough for an organization to thrive under new highly competitive market conditions. Enterprise technology needs to be braver and take the lead. After all, people have been collaborating digitally for decades using email, IM (Instant Messaging) and video conferencing. Mhub doesn’t undermine the importance of collaboration, it just does more. The mhub app allows you to access any collaboration or social app you use (Slack, Jive, Yammer etc) along with the other apps you need to work smarter, all from a single hub. Wherever you are, on any device, you can BYOA (bring your own app) and collaborate the hell out of anything, securely.
As well as all the feature benefits presented by McKinsey & Co (see figure 1), mhub make it easier and quicker to have these conversations, rapidly driving adoption and use of social tools.  However, as sophisticated as conversations can now be, customers and employees will and should demand more. People need a work app not only for collaboration but an app that allows them to be more productive anywhere with their workplace in their hand. This is real transformation. A single hub where people can easily find all the content and features they need, wherever they are and access all their work apps in one place. An app that saves time, makes life easier and helps people to make better decisions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 15.52.06
(figure 1)

It seems that our thoughts are echoed by Ovum in their 2016 Trends to Watch: Enterprise Mobility report.  This focuses not only collaboration but the demand for business process transformation through mobile working.
Ovum states, ‘The market is set to be driven by applications: enterprises are aiming to leverage them to exploit the full power of the mobile devices in the hands of employees.’
The report highlights the key trend: ‘Firstly, the concept of the digital workspace – an environment that enables employees to access all the apps they need across all the devices they use – is firmly taking root among supply-side players, so we will hear a lot more of that phrase this year.’
So, it is the ability to integrate with productivity applications as well as collaboration tools that sets mhub apart. (see figure 2) Designed to allow you to get more value from other technology investments by making IT work for people. mhub is a truly game changing, killer app that not only allows you to have conversations outside the office but a full mobile workplace with everything you need to be productive on the go.
Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 14.08.00
(figure 2)