Brexit and why Innovation is More Important than Ever

I must admit that being part of a generation whose future has been decided for them by people who will be the least affected is a pretty hard pill to swallow. I’m afraid that it is almost impossible to write anything not in the context of Brexit because it would feel irrelevant today.  As businesses and research bodies rush to publish their expert view of things, I want to talk about uncertainty, what it means and why doing nothing is the biggest risk for business.
As an economist, I know all about uncertainty. I know that the effects of uncertainty can often be as bad or worse than tangible outcomes, which is why it is so important to connect your people together and ensure that there is always clarity for them. During times of financial instability, it is also crucial to unlock and drive the most value from the investments you have already made and to make sure you keep everyone well informed, engaged, productive, confident and together. mhub can help you do all this and powers your competitive advantage.

If this isn’t uncertainty, I don’t know what is.

For those suggesting ‘we go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for all of this to blow over’, usually I would be with you! The truth is that this will not settle down or blow over any time soon and things are certainly going to change. Change is and has always been a part of business and as with the current disruption of traditional business as we know it, the key will be to take action. To be successful during uncertainty and change, leaders need to make the right, bold decisions, as we all do. Remember that inertia is always a greater risk than innovation. Now it is more important than ever to really take advantage of technology to transform the workplace, make lives easier and allow people to collaborate and be more productive. A more productive, informed and agile workforce means lower costs and a crucial competitive advantage. Mhub delivers a higher return on the investments you have already made and allows you to make better decisions. Time to embrace a diverse workforce by empowering them to work in the way they want and the way that they work best!
I leave you with some advice from young CEO and founder Alex Packham:
– Uncertainty in business is a way of life, so we should be used to that as startups and SMEs! And on if London & the UK is a good place to run a business – I’d say yes for now. We’ve got at minimum 2 years before we leave the EU and whatever you voted, it will open up opportunities for those that can take advantage of them. Take some time out over the next couple of days and think about the positives that you might be able to exploit for your business in the coming months.
– CONFIDENCE: This to be is the most important thing to remember. The next couple of years will no doubt be very hard for anyone who is founding a startup or running a business. Confidence from companies is vital – we thrive of doing business with one another, so we need strength and spending from consumers and big business to continue to invest and in turn SMEs and startups will continue to thrive.
Keep working hard, keep hustling and keep an eye out for the bumps in the road. Things we should all be doing anyway.’
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