Big Data – a force for disrupting traditional business models

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of communications. This has become more and more clear to me as I attend events such as SMiLE London and the Engage for Change Groucho Breakfasts, something truly transformative is happening. For those with their finger on the pulse, there are new digital trends and disruptive technology innovations waiting to be taken advantage of.  One clear example of this is ‘Big data – a force for disrupting traditional business models’ which was the title of the recent Groucho Breakfast event, presented by Kay Chouhan, founder of ATGlobe Research.
Big data is everywhere and like it or not, we cannot ignore it. As with many disruptions there can be waves of caution and we can approach with reluctant fear or we can harness new understanding and leverage the awesome potential. Success in the Future Workplace depends crucially on a move to the latter. This is not only about adapting (which businesses have been forced to accept as inevitable) but about leading change and transforming culture. Adrian Wooldridge’s example in his column was about PepsiCo and how the company has “two separate groups of people in each division: one whose strategy is to maximize the efficiency of the business in its current form, and another that looks for ways to disrupt it (before someone else does)”.
Another example is of companies undertaking initial recruiting efforts, solely with data or even social media ‘klout’. Now a company may look at your Facebook and gauge your reaction after a bad day. ‘Are they a happy person, do they rant? Do we want them in our business?’.  In a world where we are interconnected like never before, companies have to be conscious of this democratization on their brand and reputation. This is why mhub believe in democratizing the workplace from the inside out and provide the technology to do so.
The main take away from Big Data is that ‘Data gives insight and with that insight, you can prepare for the future’. We see predictive data in our every day lives; even online shopping telling us what we may also be interested in buying. ‘We are in data and we are data’. This however, is another example of business being late to the party in terms of harnessing innovation that we are used to. As Bersin demonstrates in his ‘HR Analytics Maturity Model’ most businesses cannot get past Stage 2.
This is why mhub developed one-click, built in business intelligence. We are not only helping businesses harness and collect data when they have been previously ‘communicating with a blindfold’ but we provide strategic analytics and reporting to transform strategy. We present one-click reports, heat maps and ‘people models’- the analysis of dimensions to understand behavior and measurably improve communications strategy.
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As John Smythe said ‘It’s going to come and whack you over the head and disrupt all of our businesses’. Disruption doesn’t have to be scary, at mhub, we make change simple and provide the technology for you to be a leader in #theFutureWorkplace.