A Simpler, More Effective Digital Workplace

Corporate IT often falls short of our consumer expectations. The way we are used to doing things in our personal lives is not the way we are used to doing things at work. Why should there be a separation? The problem is that corporate technology can be overcomplicated for the user, confusing and therefore ineffective. We have no idea what we are supposed to use and when and adoption is often a lot lower than expectations. For example – in our every day lives we may want to take our family from Liverpool Street to see a show in Piccadilly Circus. We get an Uber and make it in plenty of time. However, in the corporate world, this equates to getting to Piccadilly Circus 2 weeks later, having stopped in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham, taken 3 different modes of transport and left two of the children behind.
This frustration, consumerization and rush of millennials to the workplace has resulted in what is called Shadow or worker sourced IT, where we bring our own devices and apps (BYOA). According to Dion Hinchcliffe – ‘Estimates suggest that already around half of all technology in the workplace is Worker sourced, with communications, collaboration, file sharing and productivity apps as the most popular categories.’
shadow it dion
Interestingly, 61 percent of organizations now report they actually support worker-sourced IT in some way, according to recent surveys. This should not necessarily a scary phenomenon and in many cases is a great source of innovation. The problem, however, is that we have now ended up with what Hinchcliffe describes as a largely accidental digital workplace with unnecessary complexity that presents quite the strategic design and security challenge.  We now have an average of 15 to 20 applications to do our jobs with some having to grapple with over 30. Many of these applications are incredibly useful but we are now overloaded with complexity and many applications that don’t necessarily do what we need them to.
The answer to whether we can create a better, more effective digital workplace lies in simplicity. mHub exists to accelerate the Digital Transformation process by keeping things beautifully simple for people. Instead of having a complex siloed plethora of worker IT, you can pull everything people need to work effectively into a single, secure, consistent work app. mHub unlocks the value of these technology investment, driving adoption by making IT work for people. Data, content, information and tools can all be pulled from other work applications into a single mobile hub. A completely new way to work that transforms corporate technology into a consumer experience and makes people’s lives easier. They can collaborate, innovate and be productive whether they are in the office or on the move. This is how we are already helping some of the world’s largest organizations to simplify and accelerate digital transformation.