6 Tips for Better Webcam Recordings

When recording a video message it’s amazing what a difference you can make to your webcam recordings by following a few simple guidelines. Try these tips and see how much more impact your video messages have!

1. Raise the Camera Up

A lot of the time the webcam is positioned too low, especially when it is on a laptop. If you raise it up so the camera is at eye level, you will get a much more flattering angle.

2. Composition

Photographers can agonise for hours over this but all you really need to do is get yourself positioned nicely in the centre of the video frame. You don’t want the top of you head cut off but you also don’t want to be too small. If you are recording in Mhub, use the faint outline of a person to help get yourself in position.

3. Lighting

Light level can make a huge difference to video recording, especially on webcams, so try to record in a brightly lit area. You want the light to be shining from in front of you so it illuminates your face, not behind you where it will make you a dark silhouette.

4. Look at the Camera

Online video is all about making a personal connection, so try to look at the camera often during your recording, without staring at it for the whole time.

 5. Sound

The quality of the sound can be much more important to the viewer’s experience than the video. Do some tests to check that you have your microphone set up correctly and it is recording you loudly enough. It is usually a good idea to speak a little bit louder than you would normally. Consider investing in a mic – even a cheap external clip microphone will usually give much better results than relying on the built in mic on a laptop.

6. Keep It Short

This applies to all online video. Your audience’s attention span is limited so get straight to the point and don’t try to cover too much in one video.