4 Digital Trends that Determine Success

Microsoft Cloud and The Economist have put together an interactive video recourse for the cloud enabled future. (Check it out here) Microsoft experts and futurists share their insights on everything cloud, digital, productivity, IoT, innovation, AI and how our lives will change. Here are the key trends that will determine the success of businesses now and in the future.
The Cloud
You have to get to the cloud as fast as possible. The key, is in turning up with the right applications and tools and using the cloud as ‘a pool of knowledge’.
Riva-Melissa Tez CO-Founder, Permutation
‘Businesses are going to start to use the cloud as a pool of knowledge, what data is relevant right now to the business decision you’re making? Being able to have access to that is going to fundamentally define whether that business is successful.’ For our customers, mhub is the window to that cloud of knowledge because people can access all the information, tools and data from a single app in order to make the best business decision possible.
Technology Frees us from Process
David Coplin Microsoft Chief Envisioning officer
‘Technologies are going to destroy our current concept of productivity from efficiency to effectiveness. What we tend to do to improve organizations is we focus on making the processes better, we have been doing this for decades. We never once question the outcome of those processes. Technologies will break away from process and identify ways we can be effective and if we’ve got the courage to focus on outcomes then we will really start to reap the benefits of what the technology will bring to us.’
Riva-Melissa Tez CO-Founder, Permutation
‘Technology frees people up from tasks that are menial or processes and gives them the space for innovation, creativity and to think differently. They have more time for the bigger tasks that may be more experimental. We need to focus on these bigger and grander challenges.’
This is part of how technology including mhub will change our lives, freeing us from process to make our lives easier so that we have the space to be creative and more effective.
Technology Disappears
Bill Buxton, Researcher Microsoft 
‘The next big thing isn’t a thing or a connection its a change in the relationship amongst the technologies that are already out there in the ecosystem. The shift in the next 18 months is not new devices but how devices and applications work together so we can get on with our lives, then the technology disappears. it’s all seamless.’ That is exactly what mhub do by allowing people to seamlessly move between their various work apps all from a single app. The technology disappears and the focus is on selecting the right tool for the desired outcome.
The Big Change
David Coplin Microsoft Chief Envisioning officer
‘We are used to a way of working that was defined by the 19th century. We still work in that way but we use modern technology to replicate the old ways of working. There will be a point where we break those old barriers and working models and come up with something fit for purpose for what technology can do; we will accelerate our capabilities within business and as individuals. ‘
Technology will transform our lives and working lives in ways that we can not yet even begin to understand. The outcome and effect on humans will greatly depend on our attitudes and the decisions we make right now.

(Image source – http://transformingbusiness.economist.com/)