Month: February 2016

Collaboration: Cure or Curse?

Collaboration has been used by business professionals as a magic word for some time. It is seen as a cure for the inefficiencies of traditional silo working and the disconnection between departments and the disengagement of colleagues. It is often seen as business critical, as it should be but only when handled in the right …

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The Resistance to Digital Transformation

Last week, I asked if we were ready to become Digital Jedis, so perhaps it is strange to be talking about the dark side of digital or the resistance being a bad thing. In the case of digital transformation, resistance is not only a bad thing, it is fatal. Perhaps I should also stay away …

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Are you ready to be a Digital Jedi?

‘Today, I believe that we are on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by billions of connected devices, 3D printers and super-smart robots, to name a few. This revolution will not only change entire societies and economies, it stands to transform the very essence of human nature. So are we ready for it?’ …

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