The Perfect Partnership

Bersin concluded in his report, ‘predictions for 2015 – redesigning the organisation for a rapidly changing world’, that a sound strategy would be to buy innovative tools from smaller vendors as your firm up your core system into a single ERP suite. I think this should go one step further in the form of a… Continue reading The Perfect Partnership

Even if your strategy is a masterpiece, you need to bring everybody with you

I have just started reading @adwooldridge ‘s book, The Great Disruption, a fascinating collection of his Schumpeter columns in The Economist that address the causes and consequences of the unprecedented disruption of business over the past five years. Bingo I thought! A way I can combine my love for all things comms and the digital revolution with my… Continue reading Even if your strategy is a masterpiece, you need to bring everybody with you

Digital Vortex: The Disruptive Revolution

I recently read a fascinating report by The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center) on the concept of a Digital Vortex and how it is redefining industries and the world of work. I will briefly explain what it is, why it matters and where we can see evidence of the Digital Vortex in… Continue reading Digital Vortex: The Disruptive Revolution

Digital Changes Everything

This week, the ‘Engage for Success’  task force joined together to inspire and debate the latest ideas in internal communication technology. Stewart Monk, Oracle’s Director of Human Capital Management presented: A technology view of social; the employee engagement impact and the wider commercial aspect. We are ultimately deciphering the successes and failures of HR technology… Continue reading Digital Changes Everything