We help British based
e-commerce and service companies to survive Covid and thrive.

mHub is the fast, easy and most affordable way to get your own mobile app and put everything you do at your customer's fingertips.

Our platform and simple all-in-one service helps you focus on growing your business.

Launch your own branded mobile app in the Google and Apple app stores.
Make it easier for your customers to buy and interact with your company.
Deliver customer service that builds loyalty and increases sales. 

mHub is so simple you already know how to use it.

Connects your systems and leading e-commerce platforms, including...

And gives you easy to use features that help you grow.


Branded Notifications

Communicate offer codes, news and promotions so your customers buy more and keep coming back for more.


Gain the insights you need to grow—use data, not guesswork and simple dashboards to learn, adapt and grow faster. 

One-click Integration

Easily give your customers access to your e-commerce, reservation or others systems so they can perform important tasks from your app.

We are your trusted partner.

This is what some of our customers say...


Chris Pinder

One AV

“We use our mHub app as the best interface for our customers to interact with our company on a mobile device. In a world where everything is done via your mobile phone, our app is an incredibly valuable tool for us and our customers. We can share product news and special offers with notifications that stand out and it is a portal for our customers to perform any task from placing orders to seeking live chat support. It sets us apart from our competition and never fails to give new users a good impression of our company.”

Mark Johnson


“We used mHub to launch our own app, called Atheniem Hub. We use our app to give our customers better access to a library of reference materials, marketing messages and news stories, as well as training course material. Customers can access our app on mobile and desktop which is great and they receive push notifications that have helped us to get more customers using our app in the first year than we expected. We are thrilled that so many customers have adopted it.”

William Geldart

BPS World

“As part of a wider technology upgrade we integrated an internal facing App to push information, encourage collaboration and improve employee engagement. Utilising the mHub platform has resulted in a huge upsurge in engagement since launching in early 2020. The App was created at pace owing to its seamless ‘plug and play’ usability, its easily customisable and we’re now looking at other use cases we can employ to engage other audiences. The mHub team has been with us every step of the way.”

mHub is delivered as a service and it's as easy as...

We help you choose the best name, features and branding for your app.
Our platform builds your app and lists it in the Google and Apple app stores for you.
You download and review your app and promote it to your customers. It’s really simple!

mHub helps save time, reduce costs and improve your customer service.

Dynamic Feed

Great customer service means keeping customers in the loop – all your apps newest content, organised and always up to date.

Brand Management

mHub makes your app look great with customised and branded app icons, fonts, notifications, brand colours and graphics.

App Management

Easy dashboards help you manage everything – no coding or design skills needed, continuous app upgrades included.

Smart Channels

Publically open or private for selected customers or groups, display content or launch your e-commerce system with just one click.

Content Creation

Get your customers attention for less cost, enjoy creating engaging app content in just a few minutes with easy ‘drag and drop’ tools .

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential to drive growth and decision making – inspire discussions and comments all in your app.

API Integration

Design deeper integration with your other systems, exchange data and create customised features.

To ensure quality and safety mHub invest in ISO27001 certification and partnerships with Apple & Google.

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Or hear from more of our customers...


David Wylie


“SGN provides gas services to over 14 million people in homes and businesses across Scotland and southern England, we use mHub as health, safety and policy app for our large field-based workforce. The ability to support all formats of content, have substantive feedback from users and instant notifications provides a step change in the way SGN communicate with our workforce.” 

Nick Kerr


“mHub has been excellent to have a single source of accurate information. We’d happily recommend mHub and the support team are very responsive. It’s hard to imagine what we ever did without it.”

Olivia Nagle


“We’ve used mHub to create a branded community app called Veganiish. It was live and up and running in just two weeks and cost about 80% less than all the other alternatives we considered. Plus, we love the fact that mHub take care of all the complex things, like software updates which is saving us money and making our life easier. It’s a really cool product!”