Apps made easy

From international corporations and national utilities to cool local coffee shops, our unique app creation and management platform makes apps easy.


“This is one of the most transformative things we ever did”.

Anita Drozd / Youjuice

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Get your app in days not months

Using our unique platform, we create a ready-made branded app for your organisation and then give you easy to use tools to manage it.

Share your app

Our partnership with Apple and Google App Stores mean you get an app you love from a place you trust.

Make life easier

mHub makes everything easier for everyone. Our in-app tools put you in control of your app wherever you are.

Feel the difference

As one of our customers once said; "Now that we've launched our app, it's hard to imagine life without it".

So simple you know how to use it

We created the mHub Platform to save you time and money.  mHub is for progressive people who want to cut the crap and get things done faster, cheaper and without any hassle. 

Connect your ecosystem 

Everything your audience needs all in one place – easily connect content, tools and systems with just one click.

Something for everyone

UK based, our mission is to make everything to do with apps easy. 

We enable your company to improve customer service, operational efficiency and loyalty.

We enable you and your your team to save time, hassle and budget.

We enable your customers to be more engaged and purchase more often.

Safe and experienced   

Since 2007 we’ve helped the big and the small to create and leverage the benefit of mobile apps.

Simple powerful analytics

Many people will make decisions by guessing or using their gut. They will either be lucky or wrong. mHub has built-in analytics that removes guess work and helps teams learn from the data.

Designed for discovery

Maximize your data opportunities to inform, empower and improve decision making.

Turn customers into advocates

Build more loyalty by giving your audience easier access to the content, tools and help they want.

Work smarter, not harder

Innovate, have more fun and make a lasting impact on the way your organisation works.

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