Month: August 2015

10 Best Practice Tips for Video Communication

When I spoke to Di Burton last week, we discussed the importance of video in communications – ‘Images, video and mobile – there is no question of the importance those three.’ Video can be particularly useful when introducing a new product, delivering digital learning or sales excellence. Youtube is the second most popular search engine …

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An Interview with Di Burton

This week I had a fascinating discussion with Di Burton, a leading voice within communications and particularly internal communications. It is clear to me that no one is more ahead of the game in terms of understanding the behavioural science behind employee engagement and comms. I was lucky enough to interview her for my blog …

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A 'Mobile' Workforce as Smartphones Overtake Laptops

“Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online, Ofcom research has revealed, with record ownership and use transforming the way we communicate.” If businesses were waiting for further confirmation that they need to adapt in order to facilitate a ‘mobile’ workforce; this is it. “Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report finds that …

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Evolving Internal Communications

Internal Comms is evolving. Using data and business intelligence you can improve the quality of your communication and not just broadcast but listen. No more communicating with a blindfold! Through a process of uncertainty, employees need to be always informed and directly listened to by capturing questions and cynicism at the root before it has …

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