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In business, it’s the best stories that influence the decisions, the direction and the profit you make.

mHub is a smart mobile hub for business that lets you tell your best story. It connects people with the right information to improve business performance, grow sales and personalise customer service.

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The smarter mobile business hub

mHub is a beautiful, off-the-shelf, mobile platform that offers better two-way communication with your employees and customers.  It provides better access to information across your business, and deep insight & analytics to measure the reach of your message with any audience. With bespoke customisation options, you can brand it as your own and roll-out to your employees, your customers or partners in a matter of hours or days.

From £1 per user, mHub is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way for your business or team to become mobile. It’s that simple


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Improve operational efficiency for your field-based teams by equipping them with the information they need to work smarter, be safer and more compliant.

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Specifically for sales teams, where access to the right information is the difference between winning or losing.

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Empower your employees to be more productive, more informed, and equipped with the information they need to work smarter.

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Designed to help you connect with your customers in a more modern, personal and effective way.

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“Using mHub we’ve benefitted from delivering improved, personalized communications to support our own IT transformation and sales growth.”

Neil Atkins. Marketing Director, SCC