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mHub is the great new way for your customers to interact with you from their mobile device.

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Quickly and easily launch your own company, club or community app.


Grow income and loyalty from your customers, members and sponsors. 


Communicate better with your target audience and reduce costs.

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Chris Pinder

HD Anywhere

“We use our mHub app as the best interface for our customers to interact with our company on a mobile device. In a world where everything is done via your mobile phone, our app is an incredibly valuable tool for us and our customers. We can share product news and special offers with notifications that stand out and it is a portal for our customers to perform any task from placing orders to seeking live chat support. It sets us apart from our competition and never fails to give new users a good impression of our company”


Mark Johnson


 “mHub is helping us improve customer service by sharing training material and updates in our app instead of email. We also use it internally to complement Microsoft Teams and share information with with our remote home working team. It just works!”


David Wylie

SGN - Scotia Gas Networks

“We use mHub as health, safety and policy app for our large field-based workforce. The ability to support all formats of content, have substantive feedback from users and instant notifications provides a step change in the way SGN communicate with our workforce” 


Olivia Nagle


“We’ve used mHub to create a branded community app called Veganiish. It was live and up and running in just two weeks and cost about 80% less than all the other alternatives we considered. Plus, we love the fact that mHub take care of all the complex things, like software updates which is saving us money and making our life easier. It’s a really cool product!”


Nick Kerr


“mHub has been excellent to have a single source of accurate information. We’d happily recommend mHub and the support team are very responsive. It’s hard to imagine what we ever did without it”


Athos Chrysanthou

Athos Business Solutions

“mHub is helping my accountancy firm deliver a better service to my clients. Instead of sending emails, my team use our app to keep clients informed. So far, the feedback has been great”

mHub is so simple you already know how to use it.

Our service is as
easy as 1, 2, 3.


Our Success Team help you with every step, from set-up, branding to launching your app.


Our unique Community Platform builds your new app and lists it in the Google and Apple app stores for you.


Your customers, staff or members download your app and join your community. Simple!

Fully branded and mobile ready, all the features you need to survive and thrive.


One-click Integration

Give your audience access to your others systems so they can perform important tasks from your app. 


Use real-time data, not guesswork to learn more, respond faster and work smarter. 


Brand Management

mHub makes complex tasks simple so customising your app icon, colours, graphics and font is a breeze.

Branded Notifications

Get people’s attention and improve audience engagement, response and retention.


App Management

Easy to use dashboards mean no coding, design or technical know-how is needed to manage your app and your users. 

Content Channels

Create open access or private content channels and manage who can view or share content in them.


Content Feed

 All your latest information all in one place. Organised, secure and up always to date.

Two-way Communication

Short and sweet messages, feedback and discussions – all in one app.


Content Creation

Create and share engaging content from any device in seconds.

API Integration

Integrate your app with your other systems, exchange data and create customised features.


Simple File Storage

Helps you find the needle in the haystack.

mHub is safe. Our ISO27001 certification and partnership with Apple & Google ensures your app meets National Cyber Security guidelines.

Get ahead of the game.

Have any questions? Our friendly team are here to help so email us now and say “hello” at hello@mhub.tv

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