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Most employees are not engaged. They miss important communications, struggle to find the information they need and, with no analytics guiding them to communicate better, teams engage by guessing or using their gut.

They will be lucky or wrong.

Consequently, teams struggle to deliver their change programs, talent is lost and over 70%* of corporate transformation initiatives will take longer, cost more or fail.

Simple, effective communication is critical to transformation.

* Kotter International

Introducing mHub

With mHub, you’re in safe hands

We’ve benefitted from delivering improved, personalized communications and using mHub to drive collaboration and change. Neil Atkins. Marketing Director, SCC

mHub is scalable.

From a small team of 10 to a global workforce of 100,000, mHub can scale and fit your business whatever its size.

mHub is secure.

mHub is ISO27001 certified for Information Security Management. Best practices and end to end encryption are used to protect your data at all times.

mHub is cost effective.

From only 25p to £5 per employee per month, mHub is a cost effective solution to an expensive problem. You can pilot our solution to see the impact, results and value for yourself.

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